Jan 182014

speaking on how the Jews are genetically Israelite because they have always had their racist views of not mixing with gentiles, due to the interracial marriage that occurred between Jews in the past with Europeans. They speak so bad about the Nazis being racist for not wanting to “mix” Germans and Jews in the 1940’s, yet you see Jews today don’t want Jews to marry people of another race, they have always seen their religion as a race and that is why they rarely accept converts to Judaism. Even the Cohanim Jews descendants of Aaron Cohen (Musa’s brother pbuh) do not marry Jews that have a non-Israelite or gentile mixture in the family, showing this is Jewish Supremacism, if not worst than White Supremacism that existed in Europe.

There are some theories claiming Jews are Khazars which is absolutely not true because the Khazar tribes live in West Kazakhstan and they have no cultural or genetic connection to the Jews, our predominant religion is also Islam like most Turkic people follow. After Bulan Khazar converted to Judaism, years later Kievan the Rus defeated the Khazars in a battle and introduced the Khazars to Christianity, years later they adopted Islam as their official religion as all Turkic people did during the Khazar Zog rule. Today you can come visit Kazakhstan and meet many Kazakhs of different tribes including the Uyghurs, Kipchaks and Khazars. Lastly, the Khazars rarely immigrated to other lands, the farthest they went to was to Eastern Ukraine which was around 200 Khazar warriors who immigrated to Eastern Ukraine. They do not have history of settling in Poland, Germany, France, Netherlands to claim all Ashkenazi Jews are Khazars. And even if they are real Israelites, they do not have the rights to re-claim Palestine 2,000 years later and kick out the inhabitants of that land, we didn’t kick their ancestors out, it was the Romans so why should Muslims have to suffer under their expense. The Quran also claims that they lost the privilege of owning that land because of the sins their ancestors committed against Allah and Rasul Allah, so they are to be exiled throughout the world.