Feb 162014

“Eustace Mullins” “Dean Stonier” “Ezra Pound” “Federal Reserve” “The Federal Reserve is at the bottom of all monopolies” “The Federal Reserve responsible is for all criminal activities of the government” “Proudhon: Áll government is a crime” “Central Bank” “License to print Money” “The second job of a central bank is to finance war” “War finance” “elastic currency” “Income tax to prevent hyperinflation” “The Federal Reserve Democratic party and the Federal Reserve Republican party” “Lopez Alexander” “Morton Downey” “Never criticize the Federal Reserve System” “George Bush” “Ross Perot” “Billy Clinton” “American Revolution” “George Washington” “Alexander Hamilton” “Thomas Jefferson” ” Bank of England” “War of 1812 was an Act of Revenge” “Every war and financial panic was precipitated by the bankers” “Andrew Jackson” 1836 “Panic of 1837” “Ezra Pound” “Joe McCarthy” Rothschilds Homeopathy Naturopathy 1913 “John D. Rockefeller” “Allopathic medicine” “Side effects drugs” “No matter what monopoly I went into, I was dealing with the same small cast of characters” “Elite crowd” Lincoln “greenbacks” “Non interest bearing money” “Civil War” “John F. Kennedy” “Lyndon Johnson” “Lee Harvey Oswald” “Kennedy in Dallas” “Great Depression” “The Federal Reserve System is the greatest threat to your health and security” “Charles Lindbergh” “Rothschilds representatives” “Alan Greenspan” “Raid increases” “Louis Rukeyser” “Wall Street Week” “Rich people get nervous when they see ordinary people getting too much money” “Clinton & Bush” “Jeckyll Island” “Income Tax Amendment” “Elihu Root” “Woodrow Wilson” Russia 1917 “Bush and Gore” “Republicans vs Democrats” “The Federal Reserve government is sitting on a 44 trillion dollar surplus” “4 trillion dollar debt” Taxation “The idea of taxation is control, not money” “Controlled press” “Dan Rather” “Congressman George Hansen” torture “Internal Revenue Service” “fired from Library of Congress” “Court procedures” IRS FBI “mental institution” “J. Edgar Hoover” “Tax Court” “no tax deficiency” “fire your lawyer” bureaucrats “IRS terrorism” “government of crooks and robbers” “Incompetence is running everything” “filing lawsuits” “no bureaucrat wants to have a lawsuit filed against him” “Ronald Reagan” “clean up every village in the country” “Bo Gritz” “Cape Cod Times” “Wall Street Journal” “court procedures” “Dean Stonier” “Fritz Springmeier” “Norfed”