Jan 302014

Why did some idealistic young people join the Communist Party of Great Britain in the 1930s? What was the attraction of Communism and which beliefs, events or material circumstances prompted them to join? How did the Party respond to this predominantly university-educated group of recruits? These and related issues will be explored through case studies which trace their trajectories as members from recruitment through engagement and often to withdrawal.

The issues raised in this lecture were discussed in further detail at the Seminar: Middle Class Recruits to Communism in the 1930s.

The transcript and downloadable versions of the lecture are available from the Gresham College website:

Jan 292014

A Devil in Disguise – Zionism and Its Threat to Christianity, Judaism & the World – pt1

A Devil in Disguise – The Satanic Talmud, Fake News & Zionist Controlled Media – pt2

A Devil in Disguise – The Creation of Anti-Arab racism by Jewish Hollywood – pt3

A Devil in Disguise – Media Manipulation, The Socialist Illuminati & Its Bolshevik Revolution – pt.4

A Devil in Disguise – Israeli Zionist racism towards Christians & Muslims – pt5

A Devil in Disguise – The Untold Story of Israel and The Jewish Queen of England – pt6

Missing 7

A Devil in Disguise – The Committee of 300 and Assassination of Princess Diana/David Kelly- pt8

A Devil in Disguise – Kabbalah Magick, Mystery Babylon & Ancient Forbidden Knowledge – pt9

A Devil in Disguise – Masonic Magic, Blood Ritual and The Synagogue of Satan – pt10

A Devil in Disguise – Ethnic Cleansing, Nuclear Bombs & The Black Slave Trade – pt11

A Devil in Disguise – Bill Cooper, The IDF & A List of Jewish Owned Media Companies- pt12

A Devil in Disguise – Louis Farrakhan & George Galloway on Libya, Iraq, Iran & Israels War – pt13

Jan 292014

The first part of a four-part series that reveals how a secret pact formed a cartel that controls the world’s oil.
Throughout the region’s modern history, since the discovery of oil, the Seven Sisters have sought to control the balance of power.

They have supported monarchies in Iran and Saudi Arabia, opposed the creation of OPEC, profiting from the Iran-Iraq war, leading to the ultimate destruction of Saddam Hussein and Iraq.

The Seven Sisters were always present, and almost always came out on top.

Since that notorious meeting at Achnacarry Castle on August 28, 1928, they have never ceased to plot, to plan and to scheme.

At the end of the 1960s, the Seven Sisters, the major oil companies, controlled 85 percent of the world’s oil reserves. Today, they control just 10 percent.

New hunting grounds are therefore required, and the Sisters have turned their gaze towards Africa. With peak oil, wars in the Middle East, and the rise in crude prices, Africa is the oil companies’ new battleground.
But the real story, the secret story of oil, begins far from Africa.

In their bid to dominate Africa, the Sisters installed a king in Libya, a dictator in Gabon, fought the nationalisation of oil resources in Algeria, and through corruption, war and assassinations, brought Nigeria to its knees.

Oil may be flowing into the holds of huge tankers, but in Lagos, petrol shortages are chronic.

The country’s four refineries are obsolete and the continent’s main oil exporter is forced to import refined petrol – a paradox that reaps fortunes for a handful of oil companies.

Encouraged by the companies, corruption has become a system of government – some $50bn are estimated to have ‘disappeared’ out of the $350bn received since independence.

But new players have now joined the great oil game.

China, with its growing appetite for energy, has found new friends in Sudan, and the Chinese builders have moved in. Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir is proud of his co-operation with China – a dam on the Nile, roads, and stadiums.

In order to export 500,000 barrels of oil a day from the oil fields in the South – China financed and built the Heglig pipeline connected to Port Sudan – now South Sudan’s precious oil is shipped through North Sudan to Chinese ports.

In a bid to secure oil supplies out of Libya, the US, the UK and the Seven Sisters made peace with the once shunned Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, until he was killed during the Libyan uprising of 2011, but the flow of Libyan oil remains uninterrupted.

In need of funds for rebuilding, Libya is now back to pumping more than a million barrels of oil per day. And the Sisters are happy to oblige.

In the Caucasus, the US and Russia are vying for control of the region. The great oil game is in full swing. Whoever controls the Caucasus and its roads, controls the transport of oil from the Caspian Sea.

Tbilisi, Erevan and Baku – the three capitals of the Caucasus. The oil from Baku in Azerbaijan is a strategic priority
for all the major companies.

From the fortunes of the Nobel family to the Russian revolution, to World War II, oil from the Caucasus and the Caspian has played a central role. Lenin fixated on conquering the Azeri capital Baku for its oil, as did Stalin and Hitler.

On his birthday in 1941, Adolf Hitler received a chocolate and cream birthday cake, representing a map. He chose the slice with Baku on it.

On June 22nd 1941, the armies of the Third Reich invaded Russia. The crucial battle of Stalingrad was the key to the road to the Caucasus and Baku’s oil, and would decide the outcome of the war.

Stalin told his troops: “Fighting for one’s oil is fighting for one’s freedom.”

After World War II, President Nikita Krushchev would build the Soviet empire and its Red Army with revenues from the USSR’s new-found oil reserves.

Decades later, oil would bring that empire to its knees, when Saudi Arabia and the US would conspire to open up the oil taps, flood the markets, and bring the price of oil down to $13 per barrel. Russian oligarchs would take up the oil mantle, only to be put in their place by their president, Vladimir Putin, who knows that oil is power.

The US and Putin’s Russia would prop up despots, and exploit regional conflicts to maintain a grip on the oil fields of the Caucusus and the Caspian.

But they would not have counted on the rise of a new, strong and hungry China, with an almost limitless appetite for oil and energy. Today, the US, Russia and China contest the control of the former USSR’s fossil fuel reserves, and the supply routes. A three-handed match, with the world as spectators, between three ferocious beasts — The American eagle, the Russian bear, and the Chinese dragon.

The last part of a special four-part series that reveals how a secret pact formed a cartel that controls the world’s oil.

Jan 262014

Between the nights of February 13th and 14th, 1945.., there began the most controversial and DEADLY bombing-raids of World War II (and of all history at that !), which dwarfed the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined !!

This event.., was the “Allied” fire-bombing of the German city of Dresden, which was a city of great works of art and architecture.., and had no military manufacturing at all within the city !! It had become a city FAR over-crowded with refugees.., as the war was all but virtually over…

This is because from 1939 to the end of 1944, the city had been spared the bombing raids that the Allies had launched on so MANY other cities.., as this was simply a “cultural centre”.., and at the time was considered “the Venice of Germany” !!

AGAIN.., there were NO factories WITHIN the city center.., only a railroad station.., as any other large city would have.

By February 1945, the city was comprised of MOSTLY refugees (women, children and wounded) moving from east to west in an attempt to escape the advancing Red Army.

Hundreds of thousands.., now fled from this Red Army as it relentlessly advanced towards Berlin. No one knows how many people were in Dresden when the city was bombed. But officially, the city’s population BEFORE the mass of refugees flowing in to it was 350,000.., FACT !!

BUT with the number of refugees flowing in.., by the time of the bombing.., it had swollen to almost THREE times that amount.., close to a MILLION refugees…

This documentary, which takes into account the latest historical evidence.., makes a GREAT attempt to shed new light on the true atrocity that this attempt at “genocide” of the German people was…

Contemporary witnesses.., previously unheard from.., describe the events and the terror.., during the “multiple nights” (and subsequent days !!) of this fire-bombing raid…

This film (made in 1990), which in the beginning (for approximately the first 25 minutes) shows archive images of pre-war Dresden.., which then is then followed by the beginning of the first night of the fire-bombing raid.

It also includes excerpts from a conference, with the outspoken historian David Irving, where he gives information from Winston Churchill’s personal diaries.., and paints a comprehensive picture of the time.., the background to the bombing-raid, and the strategies employed to carry out this atrocity…

Above all.., this film was made as a memorial to the loss of human life AND the great “works of art” lost…

As always.., after watching.., do your best to “pass it on”…..

!!! Truth Does Not Fear Investigation !!!

Also something VERY important to remember is.., “He who Wins the War.., also Writes the History”

Yes / No ??

“The Truth shall make you Free.., but at first.., it’ll make you Damn Mad” !!!