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S. Korean ‘comfort women’ for US military sue state for forced prostitution
Published time: June 29, 2014 14:29
Edited time: June 29, 2014 23:12

A group of South Korean former “comfort women”, who worked in state-controlled brothels for the US military after the 1950-53 Korean War, has reportedly filed a suit demanding compensation from the authorities for forced prostitution.

It’s the first time that such legal action has been taken regarding the brothels, or “special areas” that were sanctioned by the South Korean government, The Asahi Shimbun media outlet reported.

The women are seeking 10 million won ($9,850) for being made to serve as “US military comfort women” after the Korean War ended in 1953.

The suit, filed on June 25, stated that the South Korean authorities subjugated the women and forced them to provide sex, violating their human rights.

Moreover, the group said that they had been obliged to go through medical check-ups for sexually transmitted diseases.

The plaintiffs also urged the authorities to issue an official apology, revealing the true historical facts.

The Korean War lasted from 1950 till 1953 and split the country in two. During the war, the US intervened as South Korea’s ally, while China were allies of the North.

Throughout the war, UN and South Korean comfort stations operated on the frontline.

However, even after hostilities had ended, between the 1950s and 1960s, some 60 percent of all South Korean prostitutes worked near US military camps.

In 1960, two lawmakers in the South Korean National Assembly called on the country’s leadership to train a supply of prostitutes for the allied military, to prevent them from spending their money in Japan instead.

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Tim Hicks 14.07.2014 21:02

They know that Japan military did not kidnap 200,000 women to make them salve. How short tempered Korean could do nothing against such large scale kidnapping under the situation where 300,000 Korean soldiers were in service at Japan military and the most policemen, mayor, village master, etc were Korean. I have been to Korea many times on business trip and Korean tried to sell sex to me in one way or another wherever I was. At airport, business hotel, night club, restaurant, barbershop… This is their culture. Google:Korea ‘prostitute exporting country’

Tim Hicks 14.07.2014 21:01

Korean’s intentional accusation is quite clear. Korean has historically nothing to be proud of. For 2000 years, they had been slavery country of other nations. They never got independency by their own hand. Even in the last war, she was saved by UN. So they have no monuments they can proudly build. What Korea does is to stick to the past endlessly and bash Japan and now USA?… Very childish way. The Korean know that comfort women were simply prostitutes.Those prostitutes are used for political games.

Nancy Bright 12.07.2014 02:43

During and after the Korean War, the Father of the current President Park was the main controlling person within the S. Korean Government who forced many young Korean girls to become comfort women in S. Korea to earn money for S. Korean Gov’t!

Duri ng the Korean War, there were more than 1,000,000 comfort women who served Korean soldiers, American soldiers, and UN soldiers.

T he comfort women system was originally created by Koreans (S. and N. Korean) in 1800’s.